Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finished work for sale!

I have uploaded some finished work to my website on the 'For Sale' page! Most of it has been described here or on Facebook, but if you would like to know more about a piece then please e mail me. Here's the link http://petersewell.weebly.com/for-sale.html


  1. Hello,Peter:
    I remember,to have advised You to have Your own webshop.Nice to see,that You've created it.
    I've seen it today:Your prices are reasonable,the Works are presented in the pleasant way,but...heh,I know-You're a man and like Your site to be serious,that's why probably You show Your Works on the black background,like in Your Blog.The jewels look sometimes attractive shown in black,but as concerning the webshop: don't You think it looks so sad,or maybe too serious?I know,perhaps You wanted to create some kind of linking elements with Your Blog,by applyig the same background,but my first impression was: -everything's OK,but...somehow sad.
    Of course-I wish You LUCK with all my heart and do hope,You'll be selling Your Wonderful Jewellery this way successfully.My webshop is older.I've had it for three years now and it works internationally,fine,even if we have such unpleasant times,as we have-we cannot help this...I think'Facebook' and Your own webshop-these are the right solutions for today.
    Warm Spring Greetings-Halinka-

  2. I don't for one minute expect to sell any of my finished work from my website Halinka. The prices are there just to show people how much I charge for a piece of jewellery. I will be selling tutorials and possibly workshop bookings either later this year or early next year, that is why I opened the 'shop'!
    The backgrounds are suited to the pieces as I photographed them on completion of the work - I never intended them to be 'product shots', although I may get someone to do some professional images for me.
    Thank you for your comments,