Saturday, 19 March 2011

A few bits you didn't know about!

 A crystal bicone bracelet made for Nina - 2 needle RAW

 A crystal bracelet on memory wire made for my cousin Beth

 A crystal set including the 2 needle RAW bracelet in 'Siam'

 Raise peyote bracelet, I can't remember who's design this is - I just know it isn't mine!

  'Kepler Star' cuff from a pattern by Bead Infinitum - Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour

 My other 'hobby' - Blackwork. I made this as a present for my sister.

One of my paintings - this weighs a ton as it's done on Tile Grout and plywood!

The latest fly tying! This is obviously a long way from being ok!

See - it's not all seedbeading!


  1. You are a man of may talents! They are all beautiful!

  2. The black work surprised me. I don't know why it would. Needlework is just a step away from beadwork. Its good to have a hobby and beadwork is definitely NOT your "hobby".