Tuesday, 6 March 2012

'Zoe12' - a lesson in reincarnation.

A few years ago I made a necklace - 'Zoe' - and it was a nice necklace. I even taught her as a workshop a few times. As my beading progressed however, a few niggly bits started to become apparent, the two bails worked towards the centre so the pendant didn't sit right, the toggle and loop clasp wasn't as strong as I would have liked it, and the russian leaves wouldn't stay facing forward. So when I was asked about using her for a project I was dubious as to whether this was a representation of my work at present, so I made another. This is 'Zoe12' - the colours are brighter, the toggle & loop is stronger, and the pendant hangs properly (although that was a problem yesterday!).
I like her, Nina likes her, I hope you do too. Here she is compared with the original............


The Original 'Zoe'


  1. Hi,Peter:
    'Zoe12' is in a very Spring mood:-)
    Nice color.
    In comparaison to the previous'Zoe'-it looks different.Practically,only the bezel of crystals is similar.You've changed even the stitch of the rope,but it looks great.
    The only 'weak' point I can see here is the way You've attached the closure.I like the way You've made it,but I have an impression,that when closed so often,it could break someday.I do not know,how many threads You've put into that one line of beads,but I do hope at least seven,or the all amount,that could be confined in there to make it strong enough,otherwise,which comes from my practics-it is very much exposed on getting broken.
    Warm Greets-Halinka-

  2. I always use Fireline for all my work now, and the fastening has 3 passes of 4lb Fireline, and is woven about 2" into the spiral! I learned the hard way! :)))

    1. Hi,Peter:
      It's probably OK and looks pretty good,but still makes me a little worry about it:-)
      I always use the 6 lb *Fireline* thread.It sometimes goes passing seven times in all those 'nevralgic' points,the beads sometimes'yell',when I do so,but I force them to stand that 'operation',because I wouldn't like to have any complaints after the sale.
      Possibly,my jewels look more 'thready',but it makes me sure,that all the pieces are strong enough.
      Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  3. I love this version so much! Thank you as always for sharing your gifts!

  4. Am I allowed to like them both equally? :)

  5. Sometimes the more 'passes' you make with Fireline - particularly 6lb Fireline - can actually waeken the beads it goes through. I never go directly into a cylinder bead with thread, always using a seedbead's rounded edge to save cutting the thread, and never go near a crystal without using a seedbead both sides!

    Yes Lesley - you can like them both! x