Friday, 9 March 2012

'Alex' - a lesson in not throwing stuff away!

I have a drawer marked 'Misc Project Beads', and it is one of the most underused drawers I have - and I have 30. When I mess about trying to see if a design works, I make a lot of bits - bezelled rivolis, Russian leaves, toggles and loops etc. - and only use half of them. The rest end up in the 'misc' drawer for use at a later date. Now, this sounds very laudable, but in reality what it actually means is that I forget they're there, so they are, in effect, lost. 
I have been meaning to make something with Russian leaves for ages, but it was only when clearing the drawer out that I realised how many I had! Joy of joys.............there was also a squivoli of the same colour! So 'Alex' (short for Alexandria) was born. I hope you like her...............


  1. Oh my.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH my............!!!!
    I could do anything for having the chance to bead it !!! waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    It's not beading, it's Art !
    Well done my friend, you rock :)

  2. Hi,Peter:
    A nice 'star' can be configured from Russian leaves:-),but I can see something more interesting in Your last 'baby',called *Alex': this is the 'hearted' way,You've connected the star with that fabulous rope.
    If I was to wear it-I'd firmly wear the rope and the 'heart'-all in gold,as it is, 'stars'for me at all.There are plenty of them all around,it's enough to see the blogs-more or less resemble on one another,but I'll be dreaming in my most beautiful dreams about the 'rest' of this pendant:-)

  3. You also missed the square rivoli in the centre which holds it all together - stars may be 'common', but this is the first star I have made, therefore it is not one of the 'plenty'. :) I have, however, made lots of the heart bails, and you will see them on many of my designs.

    1. Peter,Peter:-)
      I was lucky,You have a sense of humor,otherwise,I'd have been chased by You like a mouse from Your Place to Sweden for those critical words towards'the star'-haha...:-)
      However,You know,I certainly admire Your Work.
      This pendant is the real Masterpiece and no jokes this time.
      But as we mention the 'hearts'-it's true-I've seen some of them here,in Your Blog,but each time I see them-I am in Seventh Heaven.As for me-You might repeat this bail in each of Your Work-I will never be bored with it:-)
      Warm Hugs from a little more Spring Sweden-Halinka-

  4. Peter, your work really is just so beautiful ......

  5. I can't believe it....a boy tidying his own drawers out! ;))