Monday, 2 April 2012

Change of Scenery

It may be a while before I have anything new to show you. This is for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I feel the 'sparkly' period has served it's time, and so I have to reinvent. The second is that I am going to concentrate on making up some tutorials worth selling, and to do that I have to go into 'admin mode' - beading will always stop you typing and drawing diagrams if you let it, so the beads can take second spot for now!
I do, however, have some ideas for the new beader me which will, if I get it right, knock your socks off! Watch this page.................but not for a while eh? :)

  William Henry Davies


  1. Hello,Peter:
    It's nice to hear from You again:-)
    I can admit-I'm very much curious of what You have thought up in the beading area to make 'my socks knocked off':-))Ehh,whatever it is,I bet it is going to be jaw-dropping as usually:-)
    Reflexive,yeah...You can be sure-I have lots of time to stop,to see and analyse.Maybe,sometimes-even too much time for thinking.Those ones,who chasing the daily achievements forget about the beauty of the surrounding world and people must be very poor.All my life I've been trying not to be this way.I've been always interested more in striving to acheve the goals,than in easy coming goals on their own and of course,not at any price.Otherwise,like millions of others,I'd have forgotten ,that there's still the Beauty of Life around me,going more,or less peacefully-with me,or without.Artists are the specific nation; because of their sensitivity,they are not so much infected by indifference,like the rest of the world:-).
    Happy Creativity to You and Best Greetings from Spring Sweden-Halinka-

  2. That's exciting! Looking very forward to seeing the developments.

  3. I can't wait to see the new beadie designs! Don't take too much time away from the blog, keep us updated.