Thursday, 16 February 2012

All change at Etsy!

In 7 days - midnight GMT on the 23rd Feb -I will be closing my Etsy shop for a few months or more. This is a. because I need to concentrate on getting my workshops organised, and b. because nothing is selling anymore! If you don't keep adding stuff on Etsy the shop sinks to the bottom of their marketing pile, not a situation I'm happy with. It's all very flattering having people 'favorite' my work, but that's not paying for petrol!
So. If you want any tutorials now's the time to get them because I'm not planning to sell anywhere else other than at workshops and the Hamburg Bead fair!


  1. You're absolutely right,Peter.
    I've always considered Etsy a waste of time and money paid for keeping the arts there.
    Fairs,workshops,personal exhibitions,even at Your Own Home is the better idea,than such a public place.They seem to have too many of thngs and I cannot observe any big sale there,except for the tutorials and kites.
    Your Work is special.It needs to be sold in more attractive places.I think,You should create Your own webshop.Many artists do so,I also have mine.
    Kind Regards-Halinka-

  2. Loving the sentiments in the Steven Pressfield quote....I find it strangely reassuring!