Friday, 10 February 2012

Beauty & that order

Hoping that you may have forgotten by now about my hospital induced ramblings from September, I shall reveal another hospital based rambling which I have been saving for the right time. Or any time I can't come up with anything better to write about. It was really important to me at the time, so it has to be aired. I discovered,whilst I was squandering my days away in hospital, that the only things worth a light in life were Beauty and Art. I also realised that the variations in each of these muses were as important as the subject, so here's my take on two of the most debatable subjects in life -

1. Perfect beauty - technically and aesthetically perfect to the last detail.
2. Natural beauty - sunsets, mountains, seascapes, swans, dolphins, ad infinitum.
3. Fashioned beauty - usually man attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to replicate natural beauty!
4. Imagined beauty - generally that which is in the eye of the beholder. Just as important and real as perfect beauty to the beholder.
5. Perceived beauty - exactly the same as imagined beauty, but different.
6. Broken beauty - The attraction of physical or natural disfigurement, and the ability to see through the mist of prejudice.
7. Tragic beauty - Juliette, Ophelia, Desdemona, Maria Callas, the love of someone or something purely out of a need to nurture and protect.
8. Anti beauty - anything, movement, or doctrine which tries to remove 'normal' ideas of beauty from the equation. Constructivism, cubism, Shock Art, etc. still has a beauty of it's own.
That's the 'Beauty' bit over - now for the Art bit!

WHAT IS ART - to me?

Colours in harmony with each other
Shapes playing together
Words & language
Painting with words
Music which strives to please
Fashion other than fashion for fashion's sake
Love - of any description
A way of seeing Life
A way of living Life

See? It all comes back to the same thing? Clever huh? If you don't find something Beautiful - look again, you might be missing something.


  1. Hi:
    Very Reflective.
    Forces to think of the changible world in which,
    the boundaries between the beauty and ugliness have become
    almost invisible.
    Nice to know,there is still Someone,who feels,thinks about what Beauty is like,though it is not easy to describe Its definition.
    It is said,that people gifted with the fragility of Beauty,sooner,or later create their own world in which they live in seclusion...isn't it?
    Greetings -Halinka-

  2. Beauty is but a perception, yet we all search for it.
    Me thinks you were under the influence of pain killers.
    xx, Carol