Friday, 24 February 2012

The far..................

Well. That's it for a few months or so. I have nothing left to sell in my Etsy shop, and will be getting down to actually making some designs! I have the problem when it comes to tutorials of not being able to release them until at least 6 months after the workshop - it wouldn't be fair on people who had paid for the workshop - so they won't be coming thick & fast!
The Hamburg workshops are all sorted, and I have two private workshops this year, but the main thing is trying to get four decent projects finished for Stitchncraft in 2013 - the ideas have to be in by August this year!
In the midst of this we have nearly finished building and decorating the last room in a 17 year renovation project, I have hospital appointments to let them tell me how well I've recovered, the garden needs a flamethrower over it, and Freya needs her jabs!
I'll let you know how all that goes.....................

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