Saturday, 17 December 2011

You're HOW old????

Isn't it amazing that as soon as the temperature drops you begin to realise how old and knackered you are? It's just started freezing here, and I can feel every scar, every break, every pulled muscle, and probably tell you where and when I got 'em! I am sitting typing with a t shirt, a thermal vest, a polo neck shirt, and a fleece jacket on - what the hell happened to me???
When you're head is 35 and your body is 75, although chronologically you are only supposed to be 58, life can get a little confusing.
Digressing, I can't even bead at the moment - because I have a little cut on the end of my third finger. This is the finger I use to push the needle through, so a minor scratch becomes a show stopper. 
Those of you who are used to my ramblings will know I don't do depression, this is why I haven't said a lot recently, I am in a state of suspension - not really knowing what I want to do next, and not really caring about what I have just done. To my friends in the virtual ether I apologise, I should answer messages on facebook, I should turn on Skype, but I have nothing positive to say, so I say nothing. 
Now, this could just be the 'end of chemo anticlimax', I have finished treatment, to all intents and purposes I no longer have cancer, and the whirlwind of the last three months has suddenly stopped. I should be celebrating, but I think I'll leave it a couple of months before I do that.
Finishing on a controversial note - our esteemed Prime Minister wants to make the UK a 'christian country''s a bit late for that pal, you should have thought about that before extending opening hours for drinking, before letting catholic priests continue abusing children, before invading Iraq, before allowing shops and stores to open on Sundays, before etc etc. It doesn't matter to me - I'm an Atheist - but even I could see when morality went out of the window.


  1. Couldn't. Agree. More. re the moral decline of Britain. I hope your suspension ends soon and you'll be back to creating as well as all the other things that gave you pleasure in short order!

  2. Does that mean they will start lopping off the heads of heretics again and burning people at the stake? Oh please bring back Henry the 8th! Sigh...

  3. Can recommend hibernating under a warm pile of leaves till the days start getting longer and warmer!

  4. I figure, from what I've heard, that it takes a few months to get yourself back to anything resembling "normal." I wish you days of better age coordination between body and soul. Come to think of it, wouldn't mind a little of that myself!
    And here's an interesting fact - I get far less reaction on the blog to happy entries. I think they rather bore people. If you write when you're down, you're providing people with an excellent reason to think: Well, at least I'm not THAT gloomy.
    Grinning and waving. And I know nothing about British politics - but hell, look what the religious right is doing for the States. Or is that "to" the States.

  5. Hell! The moral decline of the entire world.

    Peter, I think you are catching your breath. But I can totally identify with all those aches and pains. Where the heck did they come from all the sudden and why DOES Ibuprofen mask them for a while.

    I recently dodged the Big C. A perfect storm came together and now I am thinking of myself and how I want to spend my time and being just a little selfish. You can do that too, for a bit. I think its a common reaction to another chance.

    If we were cats, would we be entering into another of our 9?

    Merry whatever you say to an Atheist. Tho I am one too, I still like Christmas. Its just a story, you know.

  6. Sheesh. I thought y'all had more sense and could escape the storm of religious fundamentalism. It's a horror show here.

    Don't worry. Be happy.

  7. Greetings Peter, nice to see another man's creations. Iread your post about your finger and it reminded me of my problem. I also let the 3rd finger assist the needle through when beading and it can become incredibly sensitive. I have become used to wearing a thimble on that finger. Just thought I would share what works for me.