Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I have a date!

Operation on the 5th of September. It would have been earlier, but my surgeon is on holiday, and the option of another surgeon and a general anesthetist was outweighed by the fact that my surgeon has his own team, has done 14 oesophagectomies this year, and has only had one death.................which was nothing to do with the operation! Them is good odds I reckon!
My result from the treadmill cardio pulmonary test was extremely good, and as the main job post op is to get the lungs working again, I think I may beat this thing after all! I have had my doubts over the last few weeks, anybody would have, but everything is looking positive - including me.
I'm allowed a mobile phone in the ward, so I should be able to update regularly after the first 4 or 5 days (I'm in High Dependence Unit for the first few days).
I shall now go and see if Nina has finished her list of things I have to do around the house before I go in................and I'm not kidding! :) It's a small price to pay for the amount of nursing I'm going to put her through! Hehe!


  1. Un augurio grandissimo ma vedrai che tutto andrĂ  benissimo e ornerai a farci vedere letue meraviglie.

  2. Interesting..the lungs, huh. As the 40 year spouse of one that suffers COPD, I see you in a very positive position...not the best of course, but I'm just sayin. Did you ever wonder exactly what "I'm just sayin" means...I don't know...And, I think Nina is trying to keep your mind off the knife.
    Best Wishes, Peter. The Best.

  3. hey peter, i just emailed you, i hope you will receive it.
    congrats on the date and a huge hug.
    I know you will be fine and dance your way to a healthy living and being safe.
    I am sending you lot of love!

  4. Of good advice, you'll have had enough. I'll give you one, anyway:
    Take 14 days before the surgery is, 5 x globules of Arnica 30 potency three times a
    day. If you do not get this potency, then take Arnica D 12. After the surgery take Arnica on until you are well. Do not discuss with doctors who have no idea of homeopathy.
    Arnica supports and shortens your healing process. You'll see and feel it, believe me.
    I wish you the best.

  5. Carol...........Nina has COPD, so I'm au fait with lung problems!
    Uli..........I see where you're coming from, and normally I would agree with you, but as this is life threatening I am not doing anything without my surgeon's knowledge or sanction. I am not in a position to experiment.

  6. I understand you and respect your point of view.
    An attempt by me there was still value. The homeopathy has helped me many times and make my life easier. Again all the best for your hospital stay and beyond.