Sunday, 21 August 2011

Open mouth, insert foot.

I did it again. I am becoming very adept at doing it. I would go so far as to say I have a certificate for doing it. What is 'it' you ask - upsetting normal people is 'it'. I have an uncanny knack of being able to make the most mild mannered person want to see me boiled in oil, and my usual hunting grounds for these nice mild mannered people are the multitude of 'forums' on the web.
I have left, or ceased to post on, a few 'craft related' forums............I was a moderator on one, with almost libelous consequences............and I swore I would never try to interact with nice people again, at least not online. So, when I was diagnosed with cancer, why on earth did I join a forum full of nice, supportive, normal cancer sufferers and their families?
I have no idea, that's why. It is only now, after I realised the 'niceness' was too much for me, and snapped at a usually unsnapped at member of said forum, that I realise I do not need 'support', I do not need 'a family', I do not need 'empathy' - I need practical advice and pointing in a few right directions.
In case this begins to sound as if it's all 'me me me', I did ask Nina, and she agrees - practical help is preferable to 'understanding' any day!
So. I apologise publicly to the Macmillan Cancer Support online forum, and can only say in my defence I do not play well with the other children, it was my mistake to think I could integrate with nice people - I'm an Artist for god's sake! We don't mix with normality! 
I shall now return to being a bad assed curmudgeon - I thank you. x


  1. I can see that this happened to you. WYSIWYG personalities are often misunderstood, whether its by their written or spoken words.

    The forums are all the same, no matter what they are about. They have their place for some. Square hole/round peg. Apology given, now forget about it.

    How's Nina's list coming along?

  2. The bad assness is key to your survival I think.

  3. How very Peter!!! Love it! Be Strong

  4. I would have you no other way, my bad assed curmudgeon friend. and we will always agree on

  5. Well, I am feeling neglected now- never have you managed to insult, offend or be the slightest bit curmudgeonly towards me!
    Anyway can you boil things in oil? I would have thought you can only fry things in oil? Maybe that's why you have never offended me, I have an attention span of a --oooh look a sparkly thing!

  6. I love your "curmudgeonlyness" (is that a word?) Please don't ever change! We need more people in this world who speak their mind honestly.