Sunday, 3 April 2011


OK, so it's not a monster, but it certainly felt like it as I was designing it! I wanted to have a go at something asymmetrical but aesthetically pleasing, it also had to be practical and strong enough to wear, the original idea had three strands on the right hand side, but reinforcing the single strand made it work better. 
My new found extender has been changed slightly, I've left out the rivoli crystal this time, and attached the toggle directly to the loop.
I have a feeling this might just be a 'love or hate' piece - I'll be interested to hear what you think. Here she is...................................



  1. Peter...This is one case where I wish I could see it on a neck. It's really an interesting piece and I like it but I'm not sure how exactly it would look when worn.

  2. Oh My God it's beautiful!!!!

    It will look stunning on someone, I can just see it on someone. I love the abstract design!

    Well you did it again Mr Peter, glad you didn't throw it in the garden.

  3. I like this design very much. It is so original

  4. Einfach genial !!
    LG Uschi