Sunday, 27 March 2011

The big picture...........................

...............or 'thinking waaaay outside the box'. 
I have always been able to stand outside situations and see the whole thing, not from 'both sides', but from a spherical perspective. Now, I thought that was normal. I have since learned that it isn't. Trying to explain this yesterday, I used the analogy of the karate blow - always aim for a point on the other side of the object. A friend put a link to a beautiful video of the Aurora Borealis in Northern Norway on Facebook yesterday, and I watched it amazed at the continuing beauty of nature and the universe, it was only when I'd finished watching it that I realised I hadn't been looking at the Northern Lights after the first couple of minutes, I'd been trying to recognise the constellations behind them.......................there are also a couple of shooting stars if you look closely! 
It's often been said that I don't have any barriers, when I was young I used to say I didn't have a handbrake - if I crashed it was time to stop, so why should anyone have barriers? I never understood racism, if someone upset me it didn't matter what colour they were, I would still be annoyed. If someone saved me from dying it wouldn't have mattered if they were black, white, green, human, or Venusian, they had still saved me from dying!
I have no idea why I have no barriers, if I knew I may be able to pass the secret on to people who seem to need the security of barriers, to make every living thing respect the right of every other living thing to exist, and to stop searching for the meaning of life...........................we don't have that long a lifespan, and the older you get, the more you realise you know nothing!

This was a loooong time ago!

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  1. Hi Peter
    One of my favorite columnists wrote a column yesterday about "giving" people the right to...whatever it is at the time. Women's right to vote, blacks the right to vote, and homosexual rights. He was speaking on our govenmnent voting to give certain groups the human rights that EVERYONE is entitled to have. I bet their were a lot of Conservatives that didn't agree with a word of what he wrote.