Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Workshops 2011 update

I've just had an update from Lynn at Stitchncraft for my workshop bookings in June - there are 12 places available on each workshop...............

Maryshka 11th June - Sold Out
Selene 23rd June - 8 places left
Anastasia 24th June - 9 places left
Tanya 25th June - 4 places left

Don't forget I will also be teaching two workshops at The West of England Bead Fair Wincanton on the 12th June, these will be a stunning pair of 'Russian Leaf' earrings using sterling silver and fire polished beads, and a pair of earrings using the same materials, but in the dreaded 2 needle Right Angle Weave! Don't worry - we have photographic instructions!

As if I hadn't pushed it far enough, I'll be doing a bit of demonstrating at The Newbury Bead Fair on the 26th June - this is partly because I love my work, and partly because it's on my way home!

I will be wending my way down to Stitchncraft next Tuesday to take most of my work into the gallery for my February showing. I will also be meeting the lovely Heather from the Bead Worker's Guild Journal - watch for the April issue!

Now I will go and make something with my own instructions - it'll all end in tears.

My old dog Sam - 4 years gone now bless him.

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