Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Once a Boy Scout................................

I'm just about ready, all the necklaces and a few bracelets are packed, biography and artist's statement laminated, big A4 picture of a hat with me in it laminated, and presentation folder all ordered and pretty. So, when do I need all this for you ask? About two weeks time I reply. This is for my month in the Stitchncraft Gallery - Lynn is exhibiting anything I can pack for the month of February, and I'm really excited about it. There, I broke the golden rule of cool, I actually admitted being excited about something. The truth is, I have the social life of a reclusive Giant Panda, and the only people who get to see my work first hand are usually visiting! The idea of volumes of enthusiastic beaders being able to analyze my work frightens the hell out of me, but part of me is going to enjoy the 'showing off' element of it. Even my wonderfully supportive little sister is talking about driving up from Cornwall! 
If you get near Shaftesbury in Dorset during February have a look in - there are a few pieces for sale, and a few not for sale, but all of them are there to look at!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you and the hat!!

  2. hello,

    i'm a little panda too , so i understand you're a bit exited to see non-beader visitors .

    have a nice month ...

  3. Peter, your work is so beautiful!