Saturday, 22 January 2011

A story..........................

It was New Years Eve, and the house was brightly decorated with sprigs of holly and mistletoe.  Only the clicking of Grandma's knitting needles broke the silence. The children, Polly, eight, and Janice, six, were seated before the roaring fireplace leafing through a picture book. Then they rose and went over to Grandma's rocker. Polly climbed up on the arm of the chair, and Janice snuggled into Grandma's warm lap.
"Tell us a story Grandma", Janice pleaded.
"Oh", said the old lady, putting aside her knitting and wrapping her arms about the children, "What should I tell you?"
Little Polly's voice came gently, "Tell us about the time you were a whore in Chicago."


  1. Ahhh Peter, we can always count on you for a good laugh!!

  2. Oh, forgot
    reminds me of when my daughter was about 4 and came out of her room with the bird cage cover wrapped around her waist and tons of bead strands around her neck and announced that when she grew up she wanted to be a Call Girl ~lol~

  3. You gave me a wonderful laugh for the start of my day and I want to thank you so much!
    You are so funny!

  4. Ha! I love a good old fashioned sappy story gone amuck!

  5. Oh, dear me, that was a real good one!Thanks for making my day! How cute.