Saturday, 20 November 2010

De ja vu all over again....................

Remember I had my right shoulder chopped to get rid of the arthritis last October? Well, on December 15th I will be getting a left shoulder to match it. Oh joy. The good bit is that our new hospital still hasn't had the operating theatre bit built yet, so I get to go to a nice private hospital with sat TV and all the accoutrements, the bad bit is that it's in Sheffield 30 miles away and it should only be day surgery.
It shouldn't stop me beading, and I already type with one finger, so as long as I don't have to shoot anyone it shouldn't be too much of a problem - I'm left handed.
The photo organisation is beginning to take shape after I backed up.................and deleted..............everything on my computer, only another 2999 to go.
Still struggling with 'Maya' - I can't understand her, the 'bond' is there, but I'm having real trouble making her look beautiful. Maybe it's because I don't like jungles.
It's about time I started putting some funnies on this blog...........................I'll see if I can find something.........


  1. Lord. Why didn't the creator think to supply us with plastic replacement parts? Major design flaws...planned bloody obsolescence. What are we? American cars???!!!
    And you're still beading. What a man!
    (btw - good luck on the 2,999 photos, m'friend.)

  2. Been there, done that! That's not just a flip saying, think positive! At least you know what you are in for, how the rehab is going to progress, what the pain level will be like, etc. Just think of yourself as exceptionally prepared for this surgery :)

  3. There are theatre nurses spent less time in theatre than I have! :))

  4. Don't like jungles, eh? Well, think of it this way:
    "maya" is also a belly dance move. It's a slow, horizontal figure 8 made with the hips. Hope that helps.

  5. It did help SaraBeth! You'll see how much when I finish it!