Sunday, 28 November 2010


It took a while, but here she is. The story goes something like this; I wanted to make something reminiscent of the South American rainforest, and sketched some pretty good stuff. Then I tried to make it. She would have worked if I had gone down the bead embroidery route, but I needed the design to stand on it's own. I had a triangle above the bail which I spent over a week trying to get to stand up, I used thicker Fireline, I pulled the tension so tight that broken bits of beads shot out in all directions when it moved slightly, I added bits of peyote in front, I attached a bail to the back, it either flopped like a dead duck or protested by breaking bits.
It finally clicked, what I couldn't get with 'form' I could get with 'colour'. So it all got simplified and leafy. I like it in this incarnation. See what you think......................oh, and the clasp is the usual zipped loop & toggle, but leafy. This will be my last for a while, I have an shoulder to get fixed and a lot of workshops to write up.


  1. Glorious!!! I love her, Peter!!! Very very elegant!

  2. Green, but i like it !!!
    hope your shoulder will be well fast.
    i like your work !
    good nite

  3. It's just lovely...and that acid green is a very tropical color. I think it was worth the re-do's and exploding bead stages.

  4. Wow that is beautiful - it definitely has a rainforest feel to it.

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon too.


  5. Very beautiful, I love it and the simplicity of the design just makes those stones pop; you have such a good eye for design.
    I hope your shoulder heals quickly and you're not down for long.
    Best wishes, Judy

  6. Stunning work as usual Peter! You make designing look sooo simple when we all know it's not. Work that shoulder, remember that rest is for dead people:)

  7. Fantastico! Your work is always amazing. I hope all goes well with your shoulder and I'll be sending good healing energy across the pond to you.

  8. Do you know, I think this is my favourite yet. I like the deceptive simplicity and I love the elegance - but then elegance may well be your middle name, so that's no surprise :). Hope you mend well. Ask for a bionic shoulder and then you can bead at super speed and get lots more done!

  9. Thank you everyone! I haven't had the heart to put her up for sale yet, but I'll do it soon! Looking forward to my Sahara cab next!