Sunday, 14 November 2010


Well, the sun didn't come out, but I got a half decent photograph of her! Melissa is the Bee Goddess - and the honey tones in this describe her perfectly!
Composed of three squivolis - rounded square crystals - a lot of 3mm Swarovski round crystals, and a lot of size 15 gold plated seedbeads, she is probably the most delicate and intricate necklace I've made for a long time! I have to credit Carol Wilcox Wells with the original design for bezelling the squivolis, which were published as earrings in Bead & Button magazine a while ago, but I take the credit for adapting and naming them!


  1. She's gorgeous, Peter!!!!!! I love how delicate she is, and I adore the squivolis - I hafta get me some!!

  2. Stunning!!! I am almost speechless and my husband almost thanks you :)

  3. This necklace is magnificent, I'm awestruck!

  4. Dear Peter!
    Again, a fantastic jewel! Excellent!
    Congratulations! :)