Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To clarify.......................

Firstly, I must remind you that I am a man. As such I am allowed to be stupid and unthinking. OK, so we understand that now?
I said I wasn't going to do any workshops next year when I had this operation, this was because everything I had heard about recovery involved up to a year of hard work and convalescence. This is why I have nothing booked at Stitchncraft, and why the ladies at Portland and Saltash will have to hold on until the year after - 2013. 
So what do I do then? I book 3 days at the Hamburg bead Fair next August! I shall explain why now. Hamburg will be 3 days of workshops, but these will only be 3 hours long - the rest of the time I will be languishing in the hotel, or driving around sightseeing! The workshops in the UK are 6 hours long, and if I had 4 days at S&C, and 2 days at the others, I could be working 8 days of 6 hours a day - I know I physically couldn't do that, and because of the journey length from home to Dorset/Cornwall I couldn't just do one workshop.
I hope this explains why I'm going to Hamburg and not to the UK next year, it was only pointed out to me this morning how bad it looked, I am not letting you down - I'm taking the easier option! 


  1. You owe no one an explanation. We all have our troubled times we go through and anyone who would judge you based on limited or lack of information is unworthy of your friendship. Hope that doesn't sound too harsh... it's just I've been wrongly judged way too many times based on peoples ignorance of the facts.
    Bottom line, it thrills me to the core to know that you are able to carry on in any capacity. Your determination and positive attitude is an example to us all and the love you and Nina share is inspirational.

  2. It isn't a matter of looking bad, just that everyone wants to see you ! Nothing wrong with doing what is right for you mate .

  3. As Robynne said and no way are you stupid or unthinking! Good luck with your recovery and in Hamburg!
    Hugs to you and Nina!

  4. C'mon, after what you've been through its a well earned holiday with a bit of beading thrown in! :)
    We will wait till you're up to full day workshops in 2013 down here in Cornwall I'm sure.
    All that really counts is that you're still here to do them.
    Enjoy Hamburg and stay sparkly.