Saturday, 26 November 2011

The one that got away......................for now.

I designed - I use the term loosely - a very difficult necklace while I was in hospital. Not technically difficult, but engineeringly difficult - pendelums and fulcrums and stuff. I have made the pendant, I have even found the point of balance to attach the bail to, I still haven't found out how to keep the rivolis from going opposite ways, but I will. I have only to bead a tubular herringbone necklace rope and a clasp to finish it. All this time I am wondering what possessed me to start it in the first place. The problem with wondering whilst beading is that you will invariably stick a needle in yourself - this I did, and, while this is a normal occurrence, it is not normal to be taking blood thinning drugs at the same time. I bled like a stuck pig. The aforementioned design - Gaia - is now going to wait until I have finished chemo, and can afford to loose what blood I have left. Pity. I really want to see if it works!


  1. Don't get blood on the crystals, Peter, for goodness' sake! ;-)

  2. I decided against it - technically it was OK, but as a piece of wearable jewellery it sucked! :))