Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Peter 1 - Damocles 0

So. I'm getting two sessions of chemo, and that's it. It's based on the premise that there 'could be something left but probably isn't'. Works for me, and it looks like I'll keep the hair - I know it shouldn't be a big thing to a man, but it doesn't grow this long overnight you know! 
Busy making some fabulous new designs up at the moment, good physio for the cracked rib. The one I'm looking at on my desk now looks more like an X Wing fighter out of Star Wars than a bracelet, but I have faith it will improve!
That's it then, just a short update, a bit of chemo, a bit of tiredness, get better, and look forward to next years big event................I'll tell you about that one soon!
Here's a free stitch for you - Chevron Netting Stitch - enjoy.


  1. Good to see you up and kicking, Peter!

    Greetings to Nina!

    And cuddles to Freya! :)

  2. grazie di cuore Peter e un augurio grandissimo per tutto.

  3. Oh I know about the hair thing believe me, and I would hate to see that handsome head of hair of yours altered BUT I would rather be able to get to know you better so get on with treatment already! LOL