Wednesday, 12 October 2011

...........and so the wheel turns..............

Here we go again. I had my follow up appointment today, and discovered that one of the lymph nodes my surgeon had taken whilst removing the tumour had a tiny little cancer seed in it. The position of the node was the most important thing, and it was quite close to where it shouldn't have been quite close to. So the theory goes that if one has a bit of cancer, there may be more. Enter Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy - a road I really didn't want to go down, but what's the option? There isn't one.
Sometime very soon I'll have an appointment date with the doctor who's going to fry my little bastard cancer cells to death, and then I will know how intensive, and how often, the treatment will be - I'll let you know. Here's a recipe to make your mouth water!


  1. The recipe sounds wonderful... I shall, however, call it Chicken a la Peter!!! :)
    A thousand hugz and kisses to you...
    And to your doctor... FRY THOSE LITTLE BASTARDS!!!

  2. Laugh in its face! It can't conquer you, for you are the fierce warrior. Don your Gladiator Gear and stare it down...with a sneer on your face and a glare of your eye!

  3. You and Nina are in our hearts and prayers and healing thoughts; as Robynne said Fry them!