Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Quick Update....................

I've had all the tests I think they planned for me, and the result is that it's a squamous cell tumour of 3cm located in the lower oesophagus. I had two options, one was to go for radio and chemo therapy to get rid of it - which would mean I would never know if it was completely gone, and the other was surgery to remove the section of oesophagus it was in. I have chosen the surgery. I want to know the bloody thing's in a jar somewhere and not waiting to rear it's ugly head! 
Things are moving really fast, and I expect to be in quite soon - I have a cardio pulmonary test on Thursday to see if I am fit enough for the operation, which is a biggy - google 'Ivor Lewis Oesophagectomy' and you'll get an idea of how big it is!
That's it, you now know as much as me. I'll let you know how my session on the hamster wheel goes on Thursday.


  1. Good luck, Peter.
    Not saying any of the trite well wishes.
    Just, Good Luck.

  2. I now cannot get the image of you on a hamster wheel out of my head!!!!

  3. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck with the surgery!

  4. Best of luck Peter - and you show that hamster wheel who's boss!