Monday, 27 June 2011

Workshops, kits, patterns, and forward planning!

As you are probably aware by now, I have been cruising the wilds of Dorset and Cornwall for the last 16 days enjoying myself teaching my designs, techniques, and tricks to ladies who know more about beadwork than I ever will. The overriding feeling which has hit me like a ton of bricks is how well the aforementioned ladies have accepted me, and have treated me as 'one of their own'!
I can't name everyone, but I would like to thank each and every one of you for making me feel welcome, and laughing in all the right places. Next year should be a blast!
Thanks to that blatant segue I can let you know that I will be back at Stitchncraft next year, I will be back at Portland next year, I will be back at Saltash next year, and there is another surprise waiting in the wings! All I have to do now is make up something to teach!
Soooooo........................the kits and tutorials..............I was planning to release these by the end of this year - it isn't going to happen. This is because the kits I was planning to release are still ongoing workshops, so it would be totally unfair to workshop students to discover I was selling for £20 something they had just paid £40 for. This years workshops will be next years kits & tutorials - next years workshops will be the following years kits & tutorials etc. As I did no workshops last year this means nothing will be up for sale until next year, I will have patterns in Perlen Poesie magazine, the Beadworker's Guild Journal, and Sonya is still available in last Oct/Nov Beadwork mag.
I really am sorry I have nothing to offer this year, but at least it means when they do come out I will have tested them to death!
Forward planning then. I have four designs to teach at Stitchncraft next year, 'Chimera' is one, and 'Melissa' will be another - though sans Russian Leaf and sporting a nifty softening fringe. The other two are 'variants' of existing pieces, although they will be so 'variant' that I'm not sure if I'm even going to use the same beads! I have to get them done by the end of August to show Lynn, so not long to wait for at least a taster.
I have a couple or three ideas going around my head at the moment, but it's going to take a week to sort out stuff from the tour, and I have a pond to de slime, and a car to de splattered fly from the bonnet. If nature can't fly above 100mph it shouldn't be on the motorway.
That's it. You're up to speed with what's going through my head - well, the stuff you'll understand without medication anyway. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being my 'invisible friends'................really.

Heidi at Stitchncraft!

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  1. then...I'll be very very patient because I love your work, your designs and tha man you are. Hugs from Southern France my friend!