Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dorset & Cornwall................part 1

Soooooo...................Maryshka seemed to go well last Saturday, thanks mainly to a dozen lovely ladies who were far more gentle with me than I expected. The day after was Wincanton, for which the word 'washout' is far too understated. It threw it down! However, the Russian Leaf and 2 needle RAW went down well with the few brave students I had, so it was worth coming out, and I got to give Maureen on the BWG stand a very wet hug!
Monday was down to Portland for the Melissa workshop, which went really well I thought - although my 'goodie box' was virtually pillaged by normally gentile ladies! It's amazing how women change at the sight of sparkly stuff! Thanks ladies!
I've been staying at my sister's in Cornwall for a short break before another workshop on Monday, and so far have managed to fit in the boat ride out to sea, a trip to the marine aquarium, miles of narrow lane driving over Dartmoor, and fish & chips in the rain! Hello English Summer!
Just about sorted all my stuff out for the next phase of workshops at Stitchncraft - I think there may be still a couple of places on the Anastasia workshop on Friday, but I'm not sure. I'll let you know how they go!

pretty isn't it?

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