Sunday, 29 May 2011

The West of England Bead Fair!

Or.............more workshops at The West of England Bead Fair. Which have no bookings. With a fortnight to go. Am I worried? Nope. I have confidence that bookings for my Russian Leaf and Right Angle Weave Earrings will come flooding in with minutes to spare!
I have to admit, it was a problem for me to find a workshop to fit into a 2 hour session, and I also understand that when you go to a bead fair the last thing you want to do is waste 2 hours of it listening to a bloke drone on about how easy it is to make something you'll only wear once before adapting it and making the design better. 
How about if I brought Hobnobs? Or even choccy digestives? 
Better still, how about if I said that you could always bring along a Swarovski rivoli and we'll bezel that at the same time?
I've done my bit - if you don't book for what could be a one to one tutorial, at least I get to see more of the Bead Fair! Oh, and on the flyer it says 3mm seedbeads and Firepolished beads - I use 3mm sterling silver beads and 3mm Firepolished.............looks much better! :)) Here's a picture of some I made earlier...................

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