Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Do you ever stop to think.......................

...............what the hell am I doing? 
I have just finished workshop tutorial number 6, for June, I have another 2 to do for June, and one for October, and possibly one for September. Anyone who has been brave and insulated enough to follow my ramblings is aware that bits of me are either falling off, replaced, or have just given up the ghost and stopped working. So. What does Peter do? He books ten workshops, in the hope that the medical profession will have invented something in the next three weeks to alleviate the aforementioned poorly bit pain. You know it won't - the medical profession knows it won't, so why do I think it's a good idea?
Therapy is probably the answer to that, occupational therapy. I have had arthritis to some degree since 1982, and in that time I have discovered two kinds of 'poorly people' - those who moan about it, and those who get on with it. I have always tried to be in the last group, didn't always make it, but I tried. So when I'm pretending to be superfit and bouncing around threading needles...............it's only because I am full of either codeine or coffee, or preferably both.
As they chant at all the finest ballet performances..............Bring it on!!!!!!!


  1. O yes, my husband is in that 2nd group too. RA since '76. The newest drugs control it, but who can afford them even with ins. So he keeps on tickin, and ignores his limitations. Much like you, I suspect.

  2. Oh Caffeine and codeine cocktails all round! Shall we call it a sewell or a beader?no I know, that cocktail shall be named " the determnined codger"- what do you think?
    I am all for the pretend it isnt happening school of health