Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well, this is something new..................

I shall come straight to the point. There have been a few, a lot, of times in my life when I haven't been......shall we say...........a very nice person to know. This evolved from a lot of things, but, although I was never actually a 'bad person', I got bloody close to being one. Which makes life number two - this one - more of a discovery of the soul than the first one was. You are, by now, fully aware of the effect Nina has in my life, but recently a few other things have found their way in. I have been the recipient of generosity from people I had previously not given much thought about, I have formed strong and affectionate relationships in the ethernet, I have learned that my actions, even though they are 'virtual', have far reaching consequences - both good and bad. 
I am learning that if people are nice to you, it is both logical and karmic to pass on that generosity, that love, that help, that caring, and that responsibility. It probably sounds quite normal to most of you, but for me it is new and exciting to find out that being nice to people, genuinely nice, is what life is about. Be ready for a lot more sharing!
On that subject, I have posted photographs of my late Mother's designs on my website for public viewing - they spent around 40 years hidden away in my Father's attic, and when I 'inherited' them they nearly ended up doing the same thing in my possession, purely because I held them as 'personal'. Joyce - my Mum - was an Artist, and like all the Artists I know, would have hated her work not to be seen, therefore here they are, and if you want to use the designs as inspiration to make something beautiful all the better..............just tell people they were designed by Joyce Sewell. Here's a taster......................


  1. How cool! How long ago where they drawn. See, you get your talent naturally.

    Peter, I could have written the first part of your post. I didn't see it until about 1999. Pretty late in life to develope inner vision.

  2. Between around 1948 and 1951 Carol.

  3. Lovely post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Wow those drawings are amazing and definitely not to be kept hidden. Creativity obviously runs in your family!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. Stunning! I see Greta, Marlene, Katharine Hepburn and all the other Women (with a W). I love them, thank you for sharing. Delicate, accurate, words are too poor, I got completely nostalgic :).

  6. Thank you all, I believe all Art is for sharing, and I'm sure I got that from Mum! :))