Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Procrastination really is the thief of time it seems..............

I just checked my diary - there are just over five weeks until I start my workshops at Stitchncraft. Five weeks! I could have sworn I had at least five months left, which is why I have no instructions, handouts, or - let's be honest here - idea of what I'm doing!
I have made a note in the aforementioned diary to begin work next Monday, I have 2 workshops at the West of England Bead Fair at Wincanton, four workshops at Stitchncraft Beads, a workshop in Portland, and a workshop in Saltash. Now..............this is eight designs we're talking about here, and I have no idea how many different stitches, so I'm hoping a lot of this will come flooding back to me when I start typing instructions - as a lot of my students on these workshops could probably teach me a thing or two about beading it may be a good thing to know how I actually made this stuff!
I've got a new workroom now. Nina decided she had heard my criticisms of CSI Miami, New York, Glasgow, Albania, and Cape Cod too many times, and has evicted me from the living room. I have a whole spare room to myself, with the exception of Freya, and patio doors leading onto the balcony over the kitchen roof, but it doesn't feel the same if I can't grunt and hrrrumph now and again.
I have completely forgotten why I started this blog entry. I'd better go and tell the nurse I haven't had my cocoa yet. Here's another of my paintings..............

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  1. I love the colors you have used Peter. I am personally working on learning about colors, so when I see colors I like but would not have thought to use it grabs my attention. Nice water color. I like it very much. Aloha, Niki