Wednesday, 16 February 2011


OK.....................we'll give it another go. As most of you know by now I had a very bad allergic reaction to another attempt at making me into The Big Bad Wolf, as a result of this I deleted nearly everybody with an American accent I knew on Facebook. Having had time to sift out the baddies from the goodies, I am slowly regaining friendships I probably shouldn't have deleted, but got caught in the crossfire. The long and the short is, without being too 'precious', I am taking friend requests, and sending out friend requests.
I am a couple of days away from finishing the 'Muses' necklace - watch this space. Thanks for hanging in there.

1 comment:

  1. There are always channels to report online harassment... unfortunately people feel they have the right to be ugly and vulgar online. These people aren't worth your time and sap your energy, focus and creativity... alone in their misery, they seek to draw others in. I hope you will continue on this path and not let negative forces decided your future for you. It's hard to take the high road, but you have many friends, supporters and admirers. And just so you know, just in case??? I'm standing on your shoe and holding on to your leg... :)
    Robynne ... aka Cat!!!