Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Muses

Clio - History
Urania - Astronomy
Melpomene - Tragedy
Thalia - Comedy
Terpsichore - Dance
Calliope - Epic Poetry
Erato - Love Poetry
Polyhymnia - Songs to the Gods
Euterpe - Lyric Poetry

Nine Muses, nine Rivolis, each representing a muse. The clasp is also an extender with a toggle and loop attached to the rivoli instead of the usual two of a kind! Oh, and the silver beads are just that - sterling silver 3mm balls, no expense spared!
I'm now going to clear my work area and sort out a box of goodies I received this morning from someone who can only be described as an angel....................thank you. x
Here are The Muses..........................


  1. Beautiful Peter. Simple and elegant and absolutely beautiful.

  2. What a stunning piece! Always fantastic to see your work with rivolis :)

  3. Oh My God! What a beautiful and incredibly stunning necklace! Peter you are so gifted! You have found your calling! Never put your needle and thread down you have to much art inside you burning to come out!

  4. That is spectacularly divine, Peter!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous Peter! I love the extender too.