Sunday, 27 February 2011

No flies on me!

I have taken up a hobby. In keeping with my need to be at odds with life, the universe, and everything, I have taken up the art of fly tying, although I hate fishing!
This came about because I have relatives (the couple left that I still speak to) who fish, and the general consensus is that if I can make things out of tiny glass beads I should be reasonably able to learn to tie a fly on a hook. So far I have made one under instruction, one sort of on my own, and one really on my own...............which is by far the prettiest. I am bookmarking websites with gnarled old fishermen telling me which fly will catch which fish at which lake or river it happens to be frequenting at that particular time of year. I have learned two things by researching this, firstly, that 'flies are made for fishermen, not fish', and secondly, that nobody has a bloody clue what makes a good fly work!
I'm going to aim for 'pretty', and then if it doesn't catch anything I can incorporate it in a design and pretend I meant it that way.
Here's the solo attempt.....................after a bit of renovation...................I have no idea what it will catch.


  1. hehehe! gorgeous creation and great post!
    you made my night!

  2. Peter... I don't know what else to say except this is so cool!!! 'grins with lots of teeth'!!!

  3. Hey Peter, Don't know nuthin 'bout flies, but them's sum awesome earrings!!

  4. If I was a fish I'd be on that baby right away. Beautiful.