Friday, 1 October 2010

I make no apologies..............................

...............for posting this. Nefer has explained what makes us all tick in a paragraph. No Artist is greater than their Art. This is Nefer's post which I stole from Facebook -

Nefer Kane
thinks it's funny to read kind peoples saying that it is fantastic the way I am humble. First, I don't think I have anything to show about :) And now my statement about humility : We, artists from the littlest to the greatest, MUST be humble because we all are a nobody. Only what we may make can become something important. Only what w...e make can remain; not us. Therefore, we must keep in mind that till our last breath, we can and must improve if we want to leave something interesting to Humanity. Also, an artist without a viewer of his art is NOTHING. We OWE to every person who takes in his time to look at our work to BE an artist, so I think we also must be grateful. Therefore, if you sometimes make me the honour to thank me " for sharing my work", I want deep from my heart to thank YOU ALL for giving me your time to look at it.


  1. I LOVE Nefer and her glorious creations! And I'm not afraid to to say it!

  2. I extremely LOVE you Lala and your love about my work is beyond an honour.

    Peter, I love you. Just because :)


  3. Nefer..what you say is so true. And for those who are not artists, they can leave something behind also..honesty, integrity..a good reputation...a good name...which leads me into something else. I learned decades ago how important a name belongs to us and is an important part of our identity. So I must ask you how to pronounce your name, Nefer. Is it Neefer..or Nefer with a short e..or is it like Nayfer? It is unusual least I have never heard it before and it is quite beautiful.

    I also want to ask Peter if his gorgeous wife, Nina's name is pronounced with a long "I" or as Neena. Also I splurged..and bought my 4th beading magazine in 5 yrs!! I told the gal at the checkstand of Michael's craft store that I had some friends in the magazine....I was so proud that I knew the Jewelry Designer who created the cover necklace..Thinking about sending it across the Pond for an autograph..then framing the front cover.
    Congrats, Peter..what an honor..did you do the instructions or did they? Wasn't this the piece that belonged to Nina? Also loved your comment..I'm all goofy about the whole thing!!!

  4. Karen - I will happily scribble my name on anything! I'm going out this morning to see if I can find another copy to replace my now tattered from showing everyone mag! Nina is pronounced 'Neena', and it would be interesting to find out Nefer's pronunciation, I always thought it was 'Neefer'..............I'll ask. I suppose every artist has their hero - Nefer is mine.

  5. Thank you so much Karen :)

    As a matter of fact, everybody pronounces it "Neefer" but everybody is wrong :)

    My friend Cheri Hiers made a nice quote with my name because she pronounces it well : " Nefer say Nefer."
    So it's Nefer like Never :)

    It comes from Nefertiti.

    But you are also my Hero Peter xoxoxo