Friday, 8 October 2010

I learned a new word this week..............

I was invited to join and take part in the formation of a beadworker's group this week - the Bead Mavens. Now, Maven may be a fairly well known word in the USA, but in this green and backward land we call England - Hebrew is Hebrew and English is English and almost ne'er the twain shall meet. All us plebians know about the Jewish culture is that they go to church a day before everyone else, and have something called 'kosher'. I'm serious - last year's 'Apprentice' series with Alan Sugar had one of the contestants asking for 'kosher' meat in a halal butcher's shop!!
So, I found out what 'Maven' meant - thanks google! I then had a problem wondering why I had been asked, then I realised that in the interests of sexual discrimination they needed a token man to play with. A gazillion facebook messages and e mails later we have a formed group of 'Bead Mavens'
The possibilities of this group are mind boggling, the ideas tank is at boiling point, and it is where I want to be! I have always had a problem with elitism, and, I'm sorry, but a lot of 'crafts' suffer from such elitism at the upper end. This prevents anyone with an iota of interest getting on the bottom rung of learning that craft - we are about teaching, we are about evangelising Beadworking, we are about loving what we do and passing this onto others. Have a look at the blog - you might find something you like! Bead Mavens


  1. You are tooooooo awesome, Peter!! Love your post, and look forward (with the rest of the ladies, I'm sure) to "playing with" you!!

  2. I didn't realise we'd taught you a new word:)

  3. I had to look it up too as neither myself nor my hubby knew it. :)