Monday, 20 September 2010

In case you missed it...............

...................or have been on holiday on the furthest edge of the western spiral arm of the crab nebula, I have been eagerly awaiting my 'Queen of the Night' artdoll from my amazing artist friend Nefer Kane. Well, she's here! She arrived this morning, not, as you would expect, escorted by throngs of nubian warriors mounted upon winged horses, but in a very big box. She is as beautiful as I thought she would be, and no, I will make no apology for being enchanted by this doll, beauty knows no gender barriers. Thank you Nefer. x
Anybody interested in my theory about old age in the Bible? Right, I'll tell you then. Noah was purported to be 950 years old, Moses and Methuselah also had fantastic ages attributed to them. So, instead of thinking of a 'year' as 365 days as we now do, think of a 'year' as a loosely translated term for a 'moon' - 28 days. All ancient religions and civilisations measured time by the phases of the moon, why should the ancient Hebrews have been different? If you think of Noah as being 950 'moons' old then by dividing 950 by 13 (moons in a year) it would have made him 73 years old at death. This must have been done by someone before me, but I can't find any reference of it. Maybe my Jewish friends will tell me this was worked out 3000 years ago! It's new to me anyway, which makes it exciting!

Here's a photo of my orchids having a bath...............


  1. Your orchids are beautiful.

    I don't think people of ancient times lived to be 73 though.

  2. That's quite fascinating, actually! And the orchids are luscious!

  3. Interesting post and those Orchids are divine!