Monday, 23 August 2010

Well, this is new!

As some of you may or may not know, I'm working with the wonderful Nefer Kane on a new art doll she's making. My bit is beading some material and hoping I got it right. Having been quite happy beading a few 'components' over the last few days, I've now ventured way out of my comfort zone and put the material on a frame. Today has been spent embroidering a few beads onto it, and changing the original design beyond all recognition - not enough curvy bits. The result of this is that my shoulders are killing me! The tension of holding the frame and starting something strange are taking their toll with a vengeance - and what sympathy do I get? Freya jumping up and reminding me that cat biscuits have been invented yet she doesn't seem to have any, and Loki lying in a heap and yowling because it's been a whole hour since I fed him. Nina's been ironing, so no complaints there. My life and clothes are at stake. Back to cat abuse then.............and yes, those are two pots of catnip in the background. Poor cats.


  1. TWO pots of catnip! Oh Peter, you are SUCH an enabler! ;)

    Have you ever harvested the catnip for personal consumption? It's my favorite remedy for migraines and 'nervous' tummy. I make a tisane from it, tastes good too! So far, neither of my cats seem interested in it at all. As a matter of fact, it has quite a repelling effect on them. Strange...

  2. I am a dog person that owned two cats in the past. Neither one liked catnip, but they loved my birds ~lol~ Now my dogs love my squirrels and double team them.

    Cats, dogs, no matter. They ALL command attention, and we love them FOR it.

  3. Hey!! I don't want you to suffer peter!!

    But I must admit that my shoulders are an apocalypse too.... I will offer you a chiropractor appointment after this ^^
    (and cat biscuits, but not for you )