Monday, 14 November 2011

I've gone all wedding.........y

I've listed 'Bridal' necklace on Etsy! I know I made it a year ago, but my reasoning is that Nina will never wear it, and it doesn't go with any of my wardrobe, so it's for sale! 
'Original' pieces of beadwork are quite difficult to market, it takes 20 hours or so to make a necklace (not including design time!) and to put a reasonable price on that would be over $200 before even trying to get a profit! This is why most beadworkers teach, and sell tutorials and kits. What I am probably trying to say get a bargain at $150!!! Just sayin'. :))
 Here's the link, or click on the post title, and here's what you get...............


  1. Hi,
    very elegant and glamourös.

  2. Wow, What a beautiful necklace is. One of the most beautiful I have seen.

  3. Peter - it's gorgeous. Love the "lacyness" of it.

  4. One of your best bead works, my friend! I love it!