Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A couple of revelations.....................

Probably the worst kept secrets in the beading world, but I suppose I'd better come out!

a. I will be one of the judges again for the Fashion Colorworks 2012 competition - there are six of us this time..............but I'm sure I'll say something controversial again! Details and link on previous post.
b. This is confirmation that I will be at Hamburg for the Beaders Best Bead Fair in August next year!!!!! Not only will I be there, but I will be teaching three classes - one a day. The class details will be in the January issue of Perlen Poesie magazine, so you'll have to wait until then to find out! I now have to try and get some kits together for the fair!


  1. a. I hope it's gonna be even a better challenge than in 2010!
    b. Good news! See you there! )))

  2. Really looking forward to meeting you Zoya! Remember you've been my hero since I started beading!!! :)))