Sunday, 2 October 2011

Oh how we laughed!

Last Monday I felt a sharp pain under my right boob. Trapped wind thought I. I thought this right up until Friday morning, when it hurt so much I struggled to get out of bed. I phoned my Nurse (who is my contact 'twixt me and my surgeon) and prepared for it being another infection. A couple of hours later Nina and I were on our way back to the hospital in the back of a bumpy patient ambulance, admitted to a surgical ward as that was the only bed they could find at short notice - I had my bag packed, and was ready for another few days stay. 
Almost as soon as we got there my surgeon (Sam Mehta) arrived at my bed and began the examination. It didn't take long. He prodded the 5th rib, listened to the wail of a grown wuss in pain, and said, "fractured rib - I thought it might be". It turns out that this is common in this operation because they have to move the 5th rib to get to the bits they're working on, it is easily cracked, and I must have finished the job when I got home!
I have never been so happy to be told I had a broken rib! No infection - if it wasn't for this rib I would be making an amazing recovery rather than a very good one!
I'm doing good. Really good. I am eating almost normal food, I am walking around outside, I am beading - albeit slowly, I feel as if everything is possible now, and, I am still being a nice person! It is 4 weeks since the operation tomorrow - life's good.


  1. Sono felice davvero che tuytto stia procedendo bene.
    Hai ragione la vita è un bene prezioso!!!
    Continua così

  2. I never had any doubt! Rock and Rollers do not die, we merely fade away......Neil Young said so! xxx

  3. Never knew how good a broken rib can be! I am so happy that this is no mean bacteria bad guy you have to struggle with ;-)

  4. As I have found in the past, its not wise to self diagnose!!'

    Love the pic too