Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Roll on 2013!

I have cancelled all my workshops for next year. I may regret it, but I decided that as much as I love my students I have become rather attached to the idea of growing old. So it's either get this cancer sorted out and get on with life, or.................well, there isn't an 'or' is there?
My apologies to anyone who wanted to endure yet another workshop with me, but I am already making plans for the 2013 season - and by then I might actually have some new stuff! 
I'm going to see the surgeon tomorrow to find out what he's going to do, and when, so I'll keep you posted..................I'm glad I took up beading and not hang gliding now.
Here's another completely irrelevant photograph..................


  1. Hmmm. I see why you selected such an "irrelevant" pic. Nothing is irrelevant, is it?

    Good choice to take care of yourself. Whatever your treatment, if I have learned anything in my almost 60 years, the older you are, the longer the recoup. Hug your cat. It helps.

  2. Good decision Peter and the only one you could make. We'll be waiting for 2013 and the fantastic designs you come up with when you're ready. I like the photo too.