Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's all about perspective.......................

So. To try and put the last couple of weeks into perspective..............
Before I went playing down in Dorset & Cornwall I had a hip x ray - avid readers will already be aware that I am held together with bits of plastic and titanium already - the result of which I didn't really rush to find out. Anyhoo, it came back as 'moderate degeneration of both hips' - the last bastion of non arthritis in my skeleton had been breached, I have 'arthritic hips'....................I'm not even 60 yet!!!! 
They are actually bad enough to warrant replacement, but I'll cross that bridge when I can't get over it. I digress. The result of this prognosis is that Nina decided the garden needed doing 'before I got worse' rather than at the end of the year - this is like the driver who, when stopped for speeding, said 'I was low on fuel, so I was trying to get to the petrol station before I ran out'.
We have removed the pond liner and planted two Rhododendrons, moved the stone seat - with hilarious consequences for Nina - to where the Eucalyptus tree used to be before we had to cut it down after the severe winter killed it. This involved carrying said stone seat over the hole I had left after removing the pond liner, picture a man with two knee replacements and everything else waiting to be replaced, and a lady with floppy shoes on, trying to manoeuvre a couple of hundredweight of stone seat around a six inch strip of ground and you will see why it didn't work out according to plan.
Nina tried straddling the hole, her feet went in the hole, the stone seat followed her feet, and she followed the stone seat, her fall only broken by her nose hitting the stone...............hard................and crunchy.
Three hours later we got back from A&E - the hooter definitely broken. We did, however, manage to get the seat in place the day after. Well.............if we didn't do it nobody else was going to!
During my rest periods from all this excitement I'm trying to come up with something amazing for next years workshop schedule - it's getting there, and so is the garden, and Nina's nose is looking better, and this is when it all needs to be put into perspective.
Nina broke her nose, but her glasses didn't break and cause more injury. I've got crap joints, but I can still walk upright. I have to get workshops sorted for next year, but that means I can still help people by teaching. Life ain't so bad at all! Oh, and I actually bought some rose coloured sunglasses..............like I ever needed them!
Here's one of the best photos I've ever taken..............

Newmillerdam - Wakefield


  1. Well I just don't even know what to say!!!

  2. Definitely one of those days you look back on and think "what was I thinking". And still you smile ~lol~.

  3. I have purple tinted glasses........and it is all perpesctive...xoxoxo