Wednesday, 9 March 2011


For those who have never heard of it, Etsy is a selling site for handmade items, although this has been questioned by a lot of us recently. It is, however, possibly the largest online outlet for us Artists and Artisans, and as such is difficult to ignore.
I left Etsy a few months ago as a matter of principle and as a protest against their endorsement of a seller who was peddling what could only be described as debased filth in the form of greetings cards. I believe he is no longer there.
I have joined again - under my 'stage name' of Beadsage - in the hope of a better experience, and a more receptive buyer base for my necklaces.
I make these necklaces because I love to make them, I love to see Nina wearing the more 'classical' of my designs, and I get very frustrated when I know they are applauded by fellow artists, but fail to sell. I know why they don't sell, I am not pitching at the right market. I am not networking amongst people who will pay me what a design is worth - mainly because most of my online circle of friends are perfectly capable of making the same thing themselves!
I have a skill, I have artistry, I have flair - what I don't have is contact with the customer base I am aiming for, and what I also don't have is a break. We all need 'the break', the moment when someone, somewhere, says 'what the hell are you doing here? follow me and I'll make you famous!'....................we all dream.
So, where was I? Oh yes - Etsy. I've listed Hatpins and Stickpins so far, but I am planning to list at least some of my necklaces - you never know who might be watching! Rock 'n Roll!


  1. I know what you mean. I have been on Etsy since 2008. In that time I have sold exactly 2 items. It is not easy on there since not only is there a ton of jewelry but much of it is very low priced which makes it hard to compete.
    I don't know what the answer is. I do have a co-worker who makes outrageously delicious cookies and sells on Etsy. She is doing quite well. Maybe if our jewelry was edible.......

  2. Selling on Etsy isn't easy if you expect people to just sort of stumble on your work, particularly if you are selling jewelry. But I used my Etsy store as my online store for a long, long time. And the one time that someone did "stumble" across my work on Etsy, it turned out to be a celebrity who bought several of my bead embroidered cuff bracelets!

  3. You know Peter, I go to etsy a lot. I have bought quite a few things there. I follow a link from a treasury and wonder how I ever would have seen the items if they hadn't be in it, or how I would have found the seller. I often wonder what is there that I haven't seen...plenty I am sure.

    I used to sell quite a bit of my work back in the 80's when I focused on sales. Mostly in boutiques, or Artisan Collaboration Sales and to gift shops. We live in a bit of a tourist area. It wasn't a living, but it was far more than pin money. It was unique then to find quality handmade items. You would think the internet would make sales easier, and I'm sure it has. But its also make more artists more visible..creating more competition.

    Your work is so gorgeous. Find a high end boutique or museum gift shop. You are right. You need a break. But that's like winning the lottery, isn't it.