Thursday, 30 December 2010

The 'Shoulder'.......................

I had my appointment yesterday with the consultant who did my shoulder, which was on December 15th, two weeks ago. An appointment after only two weeks? Thought I. There must have been something else found during surgery, thought I. By now you may be getting some idea of how much I worry about not much, it's a consequence of having a body full of arthritic joints, I'm always wondering where the next one's going to be.
Anyhoo, to continue, it was a normal 'follow up' to see how I was doing, and the upshot is that I was doing so well he's discharged me completely! Not a sniff of a physiotherapist - which is always a good thing in my book - and instructions to just keep doing whatever I've been doing.
So the beadwork is back on course, it's been a bit of a crap couple of weeks, but I am resilient, tenacious, and optimistic, so here comes 2011!


  1. Really glad that you're winning the arthritis war at the mo'...
    Good diagram! Thank you.
    And here's to a peaceful, creative and harmonious 2011, m'friend.

  2. Good to hear the great news about your shoulder. These old bodies...bah.

    I am going to just stick with "seeing" you here. I am not that crazy about FB. I'd rather see people on their blogs. Gives me a better idea of who they are.

    Looking forward to your posts!

  3. Very good news regarding your shoulder, I'm glad you're feeling better overall.

  4. Hello Peter. Happy New year and here's to a peaceful 2011. Like your blog better than FB.
    Glad your shoulder is healed. My best guy has had RA since '76. Current meds are calming it, but it never sleeps. Best of luck on that.