Thursday, 16 December 2010


So here's Nina's Christmas present! The 'Royal Sahara jasper' was from Stones that Rock and all I really did was frame it. Anyway, here you are........................


  1. She's beautiful!!! You did more than frame that cab, Peter - you made it fit for a (your) queen!!! I still drool over the stone, but your rope shows it off perfectly. I so hope you're feeling a bit better... but the day after is usually the worst. I'll b thinking of you! N

  2. That is beautiful. So perfectly perfect.

  3. Your "framing" to me is just right. The stone is totally the highlight of the piece, however, the rope could stand on it's own as well, the entire piece is magnificent. Hope you start feeling back to normal very soon.

  4. Peter, this turned out even better then I expected. Like I said, its an honor to have you work with one of our cabochons.......
    Thank you also for adding a link to my website.
    Ralph and Mary Ann

  5. Absolutely beautiful Peter! I couldn't wait to see this one finished. :)