Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I'm moving home!......................hopefully.

OK, so here's the deal, my blog at has a readership of over 10000 a month, 3-400 a day! Someone out there enjoys reading about me - or I'm being stalked by 300+ serial killers a day, either way I'm flattered.
The aforementioned blog is linked to my gallery at, this is the bit I pay for. gets around 30 visitors a day - yep, thirty. My reasoning is this - why pay a fee for a site which gets 30 visitors a day just to keep the blog when there is a free blog available here? Simples.

Therefore, if I can get my head around a new bit of technology, I shall redirect all my faithful serial killers from my old blog to this one. I'll let you know how it goes. Now I have to find the customary picture which I attach to every post..........................

Oh worked! Back soon folks!


  1. Blogger is easy! Oh, there IS the odd glitch of course, but they're rare. Welcome, Peter. I'll add you to my blog's links!

  2. Hmmm, many times I wanted to comment on Wordpress but could never get logged in right. So you had one more visitor than you knew. And you deleted me on FB, its ok, I was a stalker that enjoyed your work.

    Now I'll watch you here. I get your sense of humor. You can visit me, if you want. I'm not a pro. I just enjoy beads, and a good blog.

  3. Carol! I'm sorry for deleting you, I did get a few that I wasn't supposed to 'unfriend'! Will you put a friend request in please and I'll make it right? x

  4. I love this blog peter, sure everybody will come !!